Weekend spotted… LET’S GO!

Yup, it’s the end of yet another full-on week at AAHQ as we prepare to launch ISSUE 152 into the wild TOMORROW, but as usual the tempo continues to increase!

We’re rolling straight from the new issue into the next one, and already content is boiling in from the members of the AA LEGION around the world! As always though, there are games to head to and airsoft events to attend, and although some are kicking back after an exciting last weekend, others as usual are out playing and getting some BBs downrange!

Bill will be hitting the road early today to head to a location we can’t yet disclose, to attend an airsoft training event at a completely new, purpose-built CQB facility! He tells us that “I’m actually really excited as it’s been a while since I got to report on a training event, and this one looks to be 100% righteous given that the facility itself is still under development! he facility has been created for professional training use, but thankfully access has been created for airsoft too… and it’s GASSERS ONLY so the VFC Mk18 and SR16 will be getting some BBs through them again at last!”

Elsewhere Stewbacca let us know that “having baked ourselves in the sun at the MilSim last weekend we’re returning to normal Sunday morning mischief, apparently in the hills of Xindian in the south of Taipei. I guess I’ll break out the PSG-1 for further testing since its recent barrel upgrade, and maybe the HK53 again as a backpack gun, or the RATech Noveske N4 GBBR seeing as I didn’t get as much time behind it as I’d like… Decisions, decisions, fellow shooters. Spoilt for choice. Woe is me”… NOT!

Dan told us that “we’ve got our western-themed game this weekend, which I am definitely looking forward to. The field owner has been putting in some new props and structures for it, so I’m excited to see the new changes. Plus it’s just a nice change of pace from the usual airsoft scene. I’m just hoping the cool weather we’ve been having continues to hold out… but the forecast is saying to expect 96 F!”

Ben is “back up at the Citadel CQE this Saturday, keeping my support going for a new local site, checking out the new VORSK VMP-1, honing my own CQB skills and getting some good video footage… have I mentioned before that I do love CQB haha!”

Jimmy said in the chat group that “Saturday I have a whole rack of rifles to get through so it is going to be pretty busy. Cool Under Fire locally this Sunday; they are now running two game days a month so I am going to take full advantage!” whilst Boycie is “eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new GBBP, and also planning a future trip with Bill to <Redacted>…”

As you’ve probably gathered <Redacted> has become a bit of an in-joke with the AA CREW, one that we forsee running and running…

For once though Miguel told us that “the weather here is starting to invite us to the beach (we all live close to the Atlantic), and many guys are out on vacations as well, so it’s an OFF weekend for us!”… well, after all the games that Miguel and the GHOSTS have been involved in recently we can’t say we blame them taking some R&R, and of course we look forward to bringing you Miguel’s excellent game reports in due course!

So that’s it from the AA LEGION for another week; we hope that you’ve got something great to attend yourself, a game, event or even a BBQ! Wherever you are in this big, wide world of airsoft, as always, Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!