A good airsofter is undoubtedly one that is hard to spot in the field!

The less visible you are, the greater your chances of survival in-game; if you’re efficiently hidden, blending in with your surroundings, you become harder to spot, and you become more effective.

The guys at HELIKON-TEX work with many of our favourite camo patterns these and tell us that;

“The idea of camouflage originates directly from the animal world and those involved in designing new uniform patterns were scientists, photographers, and… painters. Their expertise and cooperation continue to bring effects in the form of new and increasingly efficient camouflage patterns”

But for all the very latest, digitally-designed patterns available today, there’s also some absolute classics out there that we love too, so we’re very pleased to see HELIKON-TEX offering some of their clothing in RHODESIAN BRUSHSTROKE!

BRUSHSTROKE consists of large, contrasting, shapes tailored to break up the outline of the user, and like most disruptive camouflage, the pattern is dependent on countershading, using hues with high-intensity contrast.

As a “factoid” it may also interest you to know that while developing a new disruptive camouflage pattern in the 2000, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) evaluated RHODESIAN BRUSHSTROKE as one of the three best military camouflage patterns previously developed, along with Canadian Pattern (CADPAT) and Tigerstripe… so, it may be a pattern that originally dates back to the 1960s but it’s obviously one that really works in the right environment!

It’s really interesting seeing our old mates at HELIKON-TEX redeveloping older patterns for the modern world… long may it continue!