In our main IWA report this year Bill was pretty excited about a new project from King Arms, one that we’ve been following and are now speaking to them directly about!

This is a brand that’s been involved in airsoft almost as long as Bill himself, and every so often they pull off a total blinder; this year in our mind was one of those years!

Bill said in his report:

“In addition to some really cool looking and fully-licenced Lancer Systems L15 Carbon AEGs they (King Arms) were also showing something that immediately got my pulse racing… finally an AR model that uses G-Series magazines, exactly the same magazines that many of us use in our secondary!
I’ve been saying for years that the first company to do this would be onto a winner, and as they’ve designed the (show) platform around one of their Black Rain Ordnance models it is simply STUNNING! Will it work? Who knows, but it certainly LOOKS awesome!”

And King Arms have now released more information on what they’re calling the “Training Weapons System (TWS) and it certainly does look like it works VERY well indeed; we hope that we’ll be able to get “hands on” with one of these very soon, but just like other manufacturers that we respect, it looks like King Arms just put GBBRs closer to the reach of every player out there, especially anyone that already owns, and has magazines for a G-Series pistol!

Just check out the video for more information!