“Going Green” seems to crop up in every conversation these days, and the guys at PTS SYNDICATE have taken this to a whole new level in airsoft form!

We recently got an email from them telling us all about the fact their extensive range of useful accessory parts is now available in OLIVE DRAB!

They told us;

“Olive drab has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. Initially developed by the U.S. Army, it was created to provide soldiers with a uniform color that would enable effective concealment in various environments. The muted greenish-brown shade of olive drab offered a practical solution for troops seeking to blend into the natural landscapes encountered during military operations.

In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, PTS has recently launched a new color line of accessories in olive drab. These include grips, foregrips, handstops, and M-LOK rail covers. By offering these products in olive drab, PTS ensures that modern warriors can customize their firearms and equipment to match their operational needs while maintaining the timeless advantages of this iconic color.

The new PTS olive drab accessories not only serve as practical enhancements but also pay homage to the military heritage associated with the color. They seamlessly integrate with existing equipment, providing soldiers with enhanced grip, control, and maneuverability while blending harmoniously with their surroundings.”

Now it is a fact that certain members of the wider AA CREW do like to run an all-green loadout, so the fact that we can now extend this to the accessories for our AEGs and GBBRs is a real bonus! Check out the full line in Olive Drab at PTS SYNDICATE HERE!