It’s no secret whatsoever that Airsoft Action has a long and fabulous relationship with ICS, so much so that we were amongst the lucky few to get “hands on” the super new Mk18 AEG that they collaborated on with EMG early (you can find our full report in Issue 141), and we’ll be returning to that model later when we’ve given it some proper “gametime”!

Of course we have now seen some excellent GBB pistols from ICS, most recently the CHALLENGER that Jimmy has raved about. However, those clever boffins in the ICS “skunkworx” have been at it again and teased us all with the initial images of a new, spring-powered “urban-sniper-style” rifle with a bullpup configuration, the TOMAHAWK.

Now we don’t know a lot more than most right now other than it looks like a style that might just give the SRS a run for its money (a subject of debate already within the crew!), but what we have established is that the initial concept features include:

Stainless Steel Enlarged 61cc Cylinder
3-way Adjustable TDC Metal Hop-Up
Master Mods 510mm Inner Barrel (TM spec. Compatible)
Inner Barrel Stabilizer
Quick-Detachable Rubber Butt Plate
Quick Spring Detach
Quick-Detach Hop-Up and Outer Barrel Mechanism

Jimmy spoke to ICS directly about this, and reported back, “It appears that ICS have installed the Master Mods inner barrel which can only mean one thing, R Hop, and combined with a 3-way TDC hop this should be slinging BBs incredibly far. As far as I am aware ICS Airsoft are the only manufacturers to offer this mod as factory standard to their platforms. From the small amount of info I have found out so far on the TOMAHAWK, it definitely has the potential to be a great out of the box performer!”

Like all of you we’ll wait to see what further information is forthcoming, but from the “teasers” this is a definite new direction for our friends at ICS, and given their track record of increasing performance in recent years, we’re certain it will be worth waiting for!

Watch this space!!!