The guys at VORSK have been in touch to let us know that they’ve had a major re-stock of many of their increasingly popular GBB pistol models, including the stunning red/black VENGEANCE model that’s been chosen by a couple of the members of Red Cell as their own personal choice when it comes to a “comp pistol”; if you recall our “first look” back in Issue 126 when this fine pistol was launched, Bill concluded;

“Overall, this is another fabulous addition to the VORSK GBB pistol line and I believe that Mark has shown yet again he’s quite a bit more than your average tech! The CS VENGEANCE moves the VORSK range on in another marvelous direction and I’m looking forward to getting many, MANY more BBs through my own!”

But as much as we LOVE the red/black version (and we DO!) VORSK have been busy introducing a whole new rainbow for those of you that love something just as individual as you are, and as more and more of us are taking part in practical airsoft pistol shooting, whether organized or more casual, having a brightly-coloured GBB in your personal armoury has become kind of cool! VORSK told us;

“We’ve completed the roll-out of our new colour schemes on all VORSK models. This includes some very tasty “MATCH” models, a really vibrant “PURPLE FLEK” as well as some “COMPLETE GREY/TAN” finishes… plus a few others. This delivery see’s new finishes for the VORSK CS VENGEANCE, EU SERIES, CS DEFENDER PRO and VP-X. A personal favorite is definitely the CS VENGEANCE with the PURPLE FLEK finishes, particularly on the GREY FRAME.

We’ve also restocked the RED/BLACK CS VENGEANCE that was very popular when we last received it, and there are also some new accessories, the hybrid rubber/wood grips from the VX-9 & CS DEFENDER PRO for you to fit to your MEU/1911… and some FLOATING OPTIC MOUNTS designed to fit to the frames of the Hi-Capa TITANS and the VENGEANCES. Another notable addition is the CS DEFENDER PRO DOUBLE PACK in RED! Complete with x2 Standard and a further x2 Extended Magazines!”

And we have to agree that the “PURPLE FLEK” does look pretty darn different and utterly righteous; with stock arriving in your local airsoft store right now, and the winter months where many will like to carry on their shooting indoors right around the corner, what better time than NOW to grab a VORSK GBB and plan getting some “Comp BBs” downrange!