The weeks are totally flying by, and with Issue 143 now heading to final design stage we’re REALLY looking forward to the weekend!

It’s been a busy week, with loads of time spent behind our respective screens preparing the latest issue, but also on the range and out on the road visiting our industry partners! Bill had a fabulous meeting with the guys at UK distributor iWholesales mid-week, looking at all the new AEGs and GBBs they’ve had come into stock, and a whole new round of testing will be starting next week. He reported back that “I picked up six new AEG and GBB models from them to start another round of testing, so Jimmy and I will have some work to do as we start to look at a new brand, HUNTSMAN TACTICAL, as well as some great new EMG and SECUTOR models. I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting these bad boys on the range as I just finished up my full evaluation of the CANIK TP9 ELITE (pictured) for 143. There’s so much coming through again right now in terms of new models, and not always from the manufacturers that traditionally we’d expect to see; more on this to come for sure!”

And talking of Jimmy he’ll be “mostly chained to my workbench again with the latest gizmos from PERUN… oh my!”

Meanwhile the members of the AA Legion are back out and at it again as Larri tells us that “just an ordinary weekly game this Friday With teammates”, and Stewbacca is out again as “Team TaiJi have been given special permission for one last game at an airport adjacent site which we got booted off by the police the last time we played there – thankfully our leadership know the landowners so we have one last shoot there before it gets leveled and redeveloped. Unfortunately the Terminal site is now off limits for the same reason – a vast swathe of land is being reclaimed to extend the main airport and add a runway, so we are losing at least 2 play sites as a result. Time for some overgrown jungle in delapidated officers quarters CQB action.”

There’s also a, lot of “research and admin going on too as Chris is “off to Duxford Saturday and Chatham Historic Dockyard Sunday”, whilst Miguel tells us “it’s time to get back in the field for some work. We got our new team candidates coming soon and we need to prepare some locations. So, drop that replica and pick up a shovel!”

Sadly we’ve a few “Covid Casualties” as the darn C-Virus refuses to leave; personally we believe it has 100% overstayed it’s welcome, but we have to look out for one another, and we’re sure you’ll join us in wishing those feeling off a speedy recovery!

Winter’s just around the corner, so we hope that you’re all also gearing up for those cold-weather games, but for now the weather is still good so let’s all get out there and enjoy our airsoft, whatever YOUR style of airsoft may be. As always we’ll sign off for this week by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!