A whole new office week begins, and each week seems to be more exciting than the one before, with so much airsoft goodness coming our way!

All the major manufacturers appear to be really upping the revs when it comes to new models, and indeed even more concept models, right now, but there are some firm favourites that are also getting a whole new look with some brilliant updates!

Now we’re sure we don’t need to tell any of you about the G&G ARP 9 as it’s a big seller for most retailers around the globe, and a firm favourite amongst players with a HUGE community following!

Fact is though that the original ARP 9, good as it was (and is!) has been with us for a while now, so we were really interested to see that the ARP 9 2.0 ST is now on the way to add to the new lineup!

Some of the changes are cosmetic, the ARP 9 2.0 that we’ve commented on before is getting an even fresher look with chrome furniture and parts! The ARP 9 2.0 ST will have the outer barrel, trigger guard, magazine release, charging handle, and sliding stock in a polished chrome finish, so #blingtastic!

The ARP 9 2.0 ST is equipped with a longer 7″ full alloy M-LOK rail with an as-standard detachable handstop. The iconic polymer receiver keeps the overall weight down, whilst the new GOS-V09 minimalist retractable PDW-style stock gives you more space to fit your battery to reduce the need for a battery extension unit. In addition, G&G ARMAMENT have increased the standard magazine capacity from the standard 60BB magazine on the original ARP 9 to a new larger capacity of a 170BB magazine with the ARP 2.0 ST.

Internally, a longer 168mm inner barrel is installed as compared to the original 128mm length of the original ARP 9. The polymer rotary hop-up chamber improves consistency when adjusting it, and as for the brains, an improved electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) and the newest GEN4 MOSFET is installed for crisp trigger pulls and enhanced battery protection.

The ARP 9 2.0 ST will be available worldwide in November; pre-order with your local G&G dealer and don’t miss out as a legend becomes even more legendary still!