Alrighty then! It’s the 15th of the month, so it must be time for another fun and fact-packed issue of Airsoft Action!

It would appear that the pace of airsoft around the world is back at 100% full-speed, both in terms of gaming and in relation to exciting new AEGs and GBBs, along with all the associated kit, hitting the market on an almost daily basis and once again Airsoft Action is at the very front of things, checking out new kit even BEFORE it hits the stores thanks to our excellent and highly-valued relationships with the people that actually make what we all use for our 6mm adventures!

And Issue 141 kicks right on into high-gear from the very outset with what we believe to be one of the very best MK18 AEG replicas that we’ve seen to date courtesy of ICS AIRSOFT as Bill has put one fully through it’s paces with a month of hard testing! This is an AEG that’s yet to fully hit the stores, so if a righteous, fully-licenced CQB-length AR is your thing you’re going to want to check out his review! He then takes a look at the latest in the VORSK HI CAPA development program that he’s been following since the very beginning, whilst Jimmy gets down to business with the G39 EBB from ARES.

Stewbacca gets all “techy” this month as he gets to grips with both the WE TECH L85 GBBR and gives his much-loved but much-abused KJ WORKS SHADOW 2 the full CLPD makeover, whilst Red Cell return to TWELVE “Tacticool AKs” that they first started testing and evaluating way back in Issue 127, and the members of The AA Legion look at all things “magazine”! Bill also looks back at his EVOLUTION LST AR after NINE YEARS of hard use… no “unbox and forget” for us!

Sticking with the AA Legion we have THREE international reports for you to enjoy this time as Bjorn looks at one of the biggest airsoft fields in Sweden, Stewbacca gets into some “3QB” MilSim/Speedsoft crossover action, and we’re joined for the very first time by “LayLax Marck” as he shares his experiences so far of airsoft in the cultural home of our game, JAPAN!

With an in-depth look inside SHIELD SPORTS and an update on the latest tactical-wear from PENTAGON, along with the next installment of our Tactical Outdoor Development series we truly believe that there’s something of interest for every airsofter in this issue, and we hope that you enjoy it to the max!

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