So, here we go again… another weekend spotted and here in the UK it looks like it’s going to be another hot one, but wherever you are, if it’s going to be a hot one for you too then remember to adapt your gear and style of play to the conditions, and hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE!

Many of the AA Crew are taking some downtime this weekend with another issue set and in the bag; in some cases it’s well-earned vacation time, whilst in others it’s time to prep for games and events that are coming up soon!

Bill is putting the finishing touches to the NEW ISSUE that will go live on MONDAY 15TH, and he tells us that it’s going to be full of some great reviews and articles, and we’ll be headlining this month with his look at the all-new ICS DD MK18 (pictured)! He also reports that “Jimmy and I will be meeting to discuss a little “skunkworx” project of our own, and then I’ve got gear checks to carry out for the team heading down to the National Airsoft Festival to make sure everyone will be squared away with the right camping gear; we’re REALLY looking forward to seeing friends old and new down at the event, and if you’re there too please do come and say hi!”

Miguel reported that “still no airsoft this weekend, for the whole month of August there is no pew pew; keep in mind that in Portugal it’s the teams that organize 95% of nationwide events, so with people on holiday, the teams lose manpower to organize events…”

Dan also checked in to let us know that “I don’t believe there’s any airsoft happening until the 20th, and hopefully it’s cooled off a bit by then… because it’s been toasty! So in the meanwhile, August tends to always be “crunch time” leading up to our big 3-day event on September 9th (Pegasus XIII). I’ve got a rather large pile of local community members’ guns to get fixed and ready beforehand. I should also carve out a little time to check over a couple of my own just to make sure everything is in top shape too”, and Boycie says that “I’m visiting Little Stu and we’re going to spend a day or so sorting through THIRTY-YEARS-WORTH of airsoft kit with a view to thinning it out a little!”

Jimmy as always is hard at it and stays chained to his tech bench as he told us that “I have a mountain of work to get through this weekend; feeding issues on my G&P Spec Ops M4, my sniper rifle needs some tweaking to sort out a random left hand curve, I have a Double Bell “VSR10″ that requires velocity raising and accuracy dealt with, and a full gearbox build on a G&G CM16. Hoping to have that all tied up on Sunday in the hope to rest and chill a bit too as I seriously need to recharge my own human batteries… another pants day is much needed LOL!”

But it’s not ALL “quiet on the AA front” as Larri tells us that “I’ heading to an airsoft CQB site which I haven’t been to for almost a year, and will arrange a new team member vs guests for some team game practice” whilst Stewbacca says “we’re headed a little further South to Yangmei and the abandoned University dormitories there for some CQB room clearing and FISH & CHIPS action as the weather seems like it will be rainy. I’ll probably take the G&G No.4 Mk.I SMLE for a final spin having played around with it and trying to realign the barrel a bit to see if I can get it more consistent. I may take the Vz61 Skorpion out for a spin as my sidearm too, and/or perhaps dabble with the Modify PP2K some more and make it a month solid of games it’s been out to. Decisions, decisions!”

So, that’s it from us for this week, and don’t forget that ISSUE 141 IS OUT ON MONDAY!

For now, as always we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!