As BIG fans of Viking Tactics both in terms of gear and training we’re delighted to hear that BlackPoint Tactical, Inc. is collaborating with Kyle Lamb and Viking Tactics to create an exclusive inside the waistband/appendix carry holster. This new from the ground up holster incorporates all the key features that Kyle prefers in an IWB/AIWB holster.
“It is an honor to work closely with a legend like Mr. Lamb; especially on a from-the-ground-up project where our collective thoughts and ideas quickly developed into a finished product that we are very proud of, and one our customers will be very excited to use,” said Tyler Johnson, a Principal of BlackPoint Tactical.

“It has been a pleasure working with the crew from BlackPoint Tactical to develop a holster with the custom features I have been in search of. I’ve used a lot of what’s out there – and modified more than my fair share – and I’m proud to say that we’ve hit it out of the park with not only the form, but also the function with this new holster design,” said Kyle Lamb, Founder and President of Viking Tactics.

The BlackPoint Tactical/Viking Tactics holster is constructed of Kydex and features a new, ultra-strong, reinforced clip. This new clip design boasts a deep hook that maintains firm purchase on belts of varying thicknesses, ensuring it remains in place, even during aerobic activities. Ride height is easy adjusted, as is the cant, for a user-customizable fit.

An ergonomically optimized, removable contour pad was developed in-conjunction with the Viking Tactics holster and seamlessly integrates as a system. The beveled contour pad is user adjustable for the most appropriate placement and does an admirable job of tucking not only the grip and magwell area of the pistol in toward the user’s abdomen, but also the rear of the slide; allowing for a larger pistol to be comfortably concealed without necessitating a change in wardrobe.

BlackPoint Tactical will initially release the following five models: SIG SAUER P365, SIG SAUER P320 Full Size, GLOCK 19, GLOCK 43/43X, and Smith & Wesson Shield. All models will be cut for slide mounted miniature red dot optics.

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Black Point Tactical manufactures custom, hand-crafted holsters built upon the ideals of optimizing both comfort and concealment. Our products are meticulously designed from the ground up based on the field experience of colleagues with decades of US Special Operations experience and dozens of deployments to both permissive and
non-permissive environments. We are honored that our products are currently chosen by numerous local, state and federal agencies, as well as various Special Operations elements, where they see use in some of the harshest combat environments and the crime-laden streets of some of the busiest metropolises.

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