Regular readers of Airsoft Action may have realised that we have a number of dedicated OPFORists among our regular contributors and staffers, and that the not-so-humble AK is a bit of a favourite with them!

Whilst there are many great “Tacticool Kalshnikova” models available now, and even a halfway decent AK-12, it’s the AKM/AKMS replicas that seem to hit the spot with us as they have such a long “in service” history and work well with a huge number of loadouts from current day right back to The Nam at a push, to stand in for the Type 56.

And now LCT Airsoft have made it even easier for you to have your AKM/AKMS look even more the part with some great looking, classically styled and “pre-aged” wood parts that will be available soon!

Check out your local LCT Airsoft dealer for more details…