One of the things that has REALLY impressed us during the challenging times we’ve been facing of late is how much more channels of communication have opened between the more professional airsoft media outlets!

We’ve been exchanging information and reviews with the Airsoft & MilSim News blog during lockdown, but finally Chris has dropped his review on one of Bill’s favourite GBBRs, the mighty VFC SR25 ECC from Vega Force Company (VFC)!

“Without a doubt, this rifle had my full attention right out of the box! The heavy hitter of GBBRs from VFC (Vega Force Company) that has been released last year already finally made its way over to us here at AMNB. Yeah, I know I shared teaser pictures from it a long time ago and promised to provide the review soon afterwards. However, due to the Corona situation, I wasn´t really able to go out the past months and run this rifle like it deserves it.”

Bill gave this fabulous rifle a hefty “thumbs up” in Issue 106 (you can check that out too in our “Back Issues”), and Chris is in agreement with this evaluation as he describes the ECC as “The heavy hitter of GBBRs , a faithful replica from the real deal… The attention to detail with the engraved Knights Armament logos, flash hider, gas block and barrel just to name a few as well the workmanship is outstanding, well done and kudos to Vega Force Company for that. With an out of the box performance of ~420fps, the ECC is a great outdoor rifle that provides a solid performance and fun on the field.”

For the full review of the SR25 ECC GBBR from Vega Force Company just head HERE and check out not only some more superb images of the rifle but also a cracking video presentation!