It’s back to work “hi speed, lo drag” style in the AA office today after a great weekend away with some of the AA/Red Cell testing crew thanks to the super people at Airsoft Anonymous and Red Alert Airsoft. Yup, we FINALLY got to get out on site and get our game on, testing some of the long-term test pool AEGs in the wild at last!

It also gave us the opportunity to check out some of the superb new models that have arrived with us for evaluation, and amongst them was one that’s been attracting a LOT of comment online, the BCM MCMR AEG from our very good friends at VegaForceCompany (VFC)!

The VFC BCM® MCMR 11.5″ AEG is built under licence with Bravo Company MFG, Inc. (BCM), with fully authorized markings, comes standard with the authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER™ tactical parts, including pistol grip, buttstock, flash hider, and trigger guard, and features the same industry leading barrel nut and lock up design as originally introduced on BCM’s evolutionary KMR handguard; the MCMR Series of handguards gives you full modularity in the M-LOK platform, making the BCM® MCMR 11.5″ as real as it gets!

In tech-airsoft form the BCM® series AEGs come with all of VFC’s latest goodies inside, making them a combo of realistic externals and high performance internals, all found in a single airsoft replica. The internal features include Built-in Digital Firing Control System, ECS GearBox, MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade Inner Precision barrel, Gen II Hop-up Chamber, and MAPLE LEAF Competition Grade HOP-UP Rubber.

For the “first look” it was a case of getting the MCMR out of the box, setting it up just as we like it, and getting the hop bedded, and we’re pleased to report that within just FOUR 120BB mid-caps the AEG was launching .28g BBs out to beyond 60m with a dead-flat trajectory, and it’s accurate as hell! Of course we need to spend a lot more time with the VIRGO ETU2 to find out exactly what it’s capable of, and put the MCMR properly through its paces before our FULL REPORT in Issue 128 of Airsoft Action on July 15th!

What we can tell you is that our first impression of this great-looking, fabulously-built AEG is that VFC have done a brilliant job on the externals, fully embracing that BCM licence and 100% living up to expectations; if the MCMR continues to perform as well on the test range as it did out of the box, then VFC have another BIG winner on their hands, and we defy any AR-lovin’ airsofter not to love it as much as we already do!