Regular readers of Airsoft Action will know that we have a fabulous relationship with our friends at I Chi Shivan (ICS), one that goes back many, many years and we’re delighted to see that their BLE pistol program continues to roll out!

We had a close look at the new VULTURE GBB pistol in the current issue that’s free to read online NOW, and we’re pleased to report that the very latest model to roll off their busy production line is now in transit to us for testing and evaluation, and this time we’re quietly excited as the CHALLENGER is their very own take on the ever-popular Hi-Capa platform!

ICS have told us:

“If you are waiting for a high-level or a best-performance pistol, take a look at the ICS HI-CAPA CHALLENGER. HI-CAPA CHALLENGER is born to challenge with its compatibility and advanced features. We refined the small imperfections and are confident to send HI-CAPA CHALLENGER to compete with all the Hi-Capa products on the market. Not just the advantages that everyone knows, HI-CAPA CHALLENGER is the first pistol featuring R-HOP barrel and fixed hop up design which can efficiently increase the shooting stability and accuracy. We are glad to present this pistol to you and would like to show you its amazing performance!”

We also already know that the CHALLENGER will feature:

TDC Hop-Up Chamber ( Compatible with TM spec)
REVO.II High Performance Valve System
Steel made fire control system components (Compatible with TM spec)
SUS301 Stainless Steel Searing Spring (Compatible with TM spec)
Adjustable Trigger
RMR & DOC Mount
3-dot Luminous Sights
Steel CCW 14mm Barrel Adapter、Sight Cover Plate、Reverse Plug Retention Clip

This looks to be an exciting new direction for ICS that they’re approaching in their usual meaningful way, and from the development potential we’ve seen from the BLE program we’re very keen to see just exactly what they’ve created now! The ICS HI-CAPA CHALLENGER, is now pre-ordering worldwide, and we’ll be sure to bring you the lowdown on how it performs just as soon as it arrives at AA HQ!