So, another week races by, and it’s been another busy one at AA HQ as not only did Issue 127 go live this week, but we’re also getting ready to FINALLY get out to a game ourselves this weekend! Members of the AA and Red Cell crew will be hitting the field to get our own game on, as well as field-testing some of the models that we’ve only had on the range so far!

And when it comes to getting your AEG or GBB “field ready” there’s a few extras like optics and accessories that need to go into the mix, and one of our favourite accessory brands (and one that we know many of you love too!) is SureFire!

SureFire has always been, and is, committed to manufacturing exceptional products for those who go in harm’s way and those who demand the ultimate in quality, innovation, and performance. For more than 40 years, they’ve remained 100% accountable to warfighters, peacekeepers, and demanding civilians by providing the most innovative and reliable tools money can buy. No compromises. No corners cut. Just proven performance.

Rather than put up their “formal catalogue” which if we’re honest many of us know by heart anyway, we thought we’d instead upload their “Brand Book”; whilst this still gives some superb information about SureFire both as a brand and a company, it’s also chock-full of images of their gear in use, so if you’re building a particular loadout this, we hope, will be an invaluable resource, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

As always, keep safe wherever you are, have a great weekend, and if you can GET OUT AND PLAY AIRSOFT!