How fast things move these days, and how quickly we get a response to a new issue of Airsoft Action both from the playing community and from the industry! We’re always delighted to hear from our friends and partners, and we got a message from our friends at VIPER in relation to Jon’s article about their excellent GENII VX Plate Carrier!

Jon mentioned in his report that although the GENII really does up the VIPER game considerably in terms of quality and durability, the “VX padding is minimal. After a couple of hours, a heavy carrier really does rub the shoulders and padding is a must. The padding here is a few mm thick and it’s simply just not enough for a long exercise or full-on scenario day.”

Ian from VIPER was very quickly in touch with us to advise that “I picked up in the article about the lack of shoulder padding; for those that need it we do offer the Shoulder Comfort Pads (VIPER Product Code VPADSH) in our range that are available in Black, Dark Coyote, Green & V-cam and can be purchased separately”, so for those that really want to load up a VX GENII for a longer than average scenario it just goes to show that VIPER do have you fully covered!

We also wanted to highlight the VX Smart Phone Pouch Case that was mentioned at the end of Jon’s article as Bill has now had more time to play around with these as a “universal mag carrier” option; for us this is very important as we need to have our own rigs set up for use with multiple platforms as we go about our range test days! The “Buckle Up” system is incredibly versatile already, with different panels to suit your needs, but it would appear that quite unknowingly VIPER have created a solution that means one set of pouches can accommodate a full spectrum of primary AEG and GBB magazines!

As a “standalone” the VIPER VX Smart Phone Pouch is MOLLE compatible and has a removable lanyard, and the addition of three external pockets makes it a versatile pouch that can be added to your loadout.
Made of tough TP700 there is a main phone compartment that happily swallows and retains Bill’s Samsung (yes, the old codger actually owns a smartfone now!), an additional three external sleeve pockets for a charging cable and other small accessories, along with a removable cord lanyard.

With overall dimensions of (cm) 16 x 10 x 2 and weighing in at a super-light 120g, the pouch also has two MOLLE attachment straps on the rear, meaning that you can securely mate it with a plate carrier, a plain “Buckle Up” panel, or a MOLLE chest rig. The front and rear panels feature bungee retention to keep you phone securely stowed, but thinking outside the box led us to the conclusion that this pouch is also ideal as an extremely lo-profile magazine carry option for virtually all primary platforms including all types of AR magazine, AK and G3/G36 magazines, and even big old “.308 DMR mags!

Jon said in his article in this months issue, “I’ve been a huge fan of higher-end gear since I first slipped on a tatty old DCS that I was loaned years ago and as such I’ve been super sceptical of what I perceived to be budget stuff. Right now though, sitting in front of me, I have the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up GENII Carrier in Titanium. I’m impressed. (VIPER Have) come a long way. I mean, A LONG WAY!!!!”

And with the VX Smart Phone Pouch Case the GENII system just got even MORE versatile!