Airsoft Action is 100% committed to supporting players around the globe, and we were very pleased to hear from one of our latest members of the “AA Legion”, Miguel, who told us that a little over a week ago a major movement started in the Portuguese Airsoft Community, a petition to correct some errors in their fierarms law (where airsoft is wrongfully included), so that they can have fair legislation, both for the players and the shops.

Miguel told us:

“The Portuguese Airsoft community is fighting for a fair and just Airsoft law, and only with the help of all players from Portugal will they be able to push this petition forward towards those in charge.
If you are a Portuguese Citizen or you know someone from Portugal, please ask them to sign the petition!”

This is of course a petition that is open only to Portuguese nationals both at home and overseas, but if you have a Portuguese member of your own airsoft team, or know someone eligible in your own community, then please urge them to get on board and do their bit!

Wherever we may live we must ALL support one another, as together the global airsoft community can be a powerful voice! Join the conversation and let’s make airsoft protected in law and inclusive for all, no matter where you may be in this big old world!