We’re just working on an article about how the venerable MP5 is “rising again”, and after lots of scuttlebutt and rumour-mongering it appears that Tokyo Marui are FINALLY getting their act together with their Next Generation Recoil Shock (NGRS) MP5A5!

Posted on the TM IG there is now the information that their new MP5 will benefit from (translated);

“The genuine lipo battery will be the first attempt in the industry! I can’t say in detail yet, but as a result of research, we have adopted a different 3-pin connector in consideration of various safety. Stay tuned for more information on genuine Lipo batteries!”

This says to us that the MP5 will be potentially LiPo-ready, but working from a Marui proprietary connector… so sadly this probably means that you’ll be needing a TM battery to power the beast, or at very least an adapter if you want to use batteries you already own!

It does look very, very cool, and the MP5 is certainly a model that thoroughly deserves their NGRS treatment; price-wise on the images it says “¥59,800” which translates to roughly UK£388…

We’ll have to wait and see what other information is forthcoming, but it does look as if the particular AEG “Maschinenpistole” is most definitely on its way at last!