Let’s face it, there are some things that you see in airsoft that just make you smile immediately, and the Valken ASL Kilo45 is definitely one of them!

There’s a number of members of the AA Crew that have had Valken ASL’s for backups, loaners, and testers and thus far the feedback has been good, but what happens when you take a standard ASL AEG and then offer it to players with a removable “.45 SMG” insert that fits into a normal “AR” magwell? As far as we’re concerned it takes a standard “AR” and turns it into something eminently more versatile, and adds immensely to the fun factor!

The ASL+ Kilo45 adds several new features to the “standard” ASL models, with upgraded internal components to provide less stress on the gearbox, including a 22:1 ration gear set, piston with full metal teeth, radial cuts in the gearbox shell, and a rotary style hop-up unit with locking increment settings. Externally it has an “enhanced” CRANE-style stock offering good battery storage, a free-floating nine inch M-LOK compatible rail, a newly designed molded flash hider, a 280 BB hi-cap SMG-style magazine, and most importantly an SMG magazine adapter that fits inside the M4 magazine well; this last is a feature that’s offered on this model, along with the shorter Foxtrot. And to top it off, all ASL+ series rifles are also covered by the Valken 1-year warranty!

With a whole host of dedicated “Pistol Calibre Carbines” out there, having one that can take a “.45 mag” or any existing “AR mags” just by adding or removing a magazine insert is a big-plus to us, and thank you Valken for bringing a big smile to our faces on a grey day!