One of the great things about the tactical gear world is working with manufacturers year in and year out and seeing how they progress with new directions, new designs and new products. If you’re looking for some rugged load-bearing and tactical gear then Tasmanian Tiger have moved things on yet again!

It’s been our great pleasure to work with Tasmanian Tiger over the past couple of years since we met them at IWA back in 2015, and although at that time they had a really superb range of gear on offer they’re one of those brands that just keeps on innovating and improving what they offer to the discerning buyer of tactical kit year on year.

To recap on the company though, registration of the brand TASMANIAN TIGER in Germany took place in 1991 although the company history as a whole dates back as far as 1980! As a premium supplier of professional military and police equipment, all Tasmanian Tiger products are made of the very best quality fabrics and components with the best functionality. Their comprehensive development work is always based on the user’s specific needs and requirements. Tasmanian Tiger’s range of tactical products for Military, Police, Covert, Special Forces, and First Responders encompasses a full range of backpacks, plate carriers, tactical bags, pouches and clothing.

All the packs and tactical gear are available in multiple colour options, including camouflaged versions so there’s something in the range to suit an environmental requirement. Thus far in our own testing over the past few years we’ve been very impressed by the build-quality and attention to detail of all their models, and the comfort levels for all are very high indeed.

If you’re in the market for a new pack, chest rig, or even some simple medical kit then we hope that you’ll enjoy checking out their catalogue over the weekend if you’re not out playing… and even if you are!