We’re keeping the tempo up and adding to our ongoing “reference library” featuring many of the great people who make superb kit, and this weekend we’re very pleased to feature the latest catalogue from our old friends at Snugpak!

Snugpak are based in a listed mill built in the 1800’s on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in the UK. They are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing – not only in the UK but across Europe. They have a dedicated workforce at their newly updated factory in the North of England who are trained to use state of the art machinery and traditional sewing techniques to bring their ideas to life.

And what ideas they are! If you have any interest in being outdoors and thriving in that environment then what Snugpak offer is going to delight you! When we first saw the catalogue ourselves it made us realise just what we’ve been missing in the last year, and how much we want to get back out and enjoy the outdoors, both in relation to airsoft and indeed for adventures of all kinds!

There’ll be a focus on Snugpak coming in Issue 128 on 15th July as we’ve had some of their latest items on test over the winter months, so be sure to check in for that!

For now we hope that more and more of you around the globe are able to get back out and play airsoft, and if you’re playing this weekend shoot straight, play with honour and give your opponents the best game you can bring to them!