Well, we all need batteries, so why not treat yourself to a new one from our friends at TITAN EUROPE?

Let’s face it, Christmas is not that far away now (there, we said the “C-word”!), so is something from TITAN already on your wishlist?

You might already be familiar with their 7.4v and 11.1v options for airsoft, including their HPA offering and digital charger, but even if you’re not buying for yourself, why not add another TITAN to help your friends out!

And right now you can get a 10% DISCOUNT during the whole month of November using coupon code: POWERYOURGAME

TITAN EUROPE have also advised they, sadly like many, will have increased shipping costs starting December 2022, and there is bound to be plenty of shipping chaos during the Xmas season. Therefore they highly recommend you order your POWER before the end of November!

And they also say, “Have fun, stay safe and take care. We are happy to #PowerYourGame!”