When it comes to affordable yet well-designed and rugged clothing for airsoft then one of our main “go to” gear providers is VIPER TACTICAL!

The members of Red Cell and indeed some of the AA Legion especially like the ELITE trouser model, and in fact that’s one of the VIPER items that The Cell chose for their rangewear, and for a long while now they’ve been asking the VIPER guys to bring out a matching combat shirt that offers the same comfort and performance.

And we know that we’re not alone in this as many of you out there have been asking for the same, and finally VIPER have come up with the goods!

The VIPER TACTICAL Special Ops Shirt has been specifically designed to be worn under body armour and plate carriers. With elbow pad pockets and hook and loop panels on the shoulder pockets, you can customise the shirt according to your specs and taste. The shirt features 100% cotton material for the body part allowing for maximum breathability and comfort. The sleeves are made of ripstop fabric providing enhanced performance during the activities. The ¼ neck zip and adjustable cuffs with hook and loop tabs allow for a perfect fit of the shirt. The Viper Tactical Special Ops Shirt can be used throughout the year in a variety of environments which makes it perfect for airsoft!

VIPER have had quite the “operational tempo” with new releases, and we hope that this is 100% a sign of more to come; you can rest assured that we’ll bring you the lowdown on the new gear once we’ve been able to give it a proper pasting!