We all love our airsoft pistols, and many of us have a favourite model that we become somewhat devoted to like the mighty 1911 or the ever-faithful Glock, and of course we do love a devoted holster for them too, don’t we?

But have you ever bought a holster for your beloved sidearm only for it to get stuck on the frame-rail? Or for it to rattle about in what as far as anyone can tell you is the correct holster for that model?

We know that we have!

Then there is the other problem with holsters… you need one for every pistol style! Every self-respecting airsofter that we know has a collection of pistols, and although their “choice of fighting secondary” may always be one model when it comes to skirmish day, that collection will undoubtedly feature some “wild cards”, designs and models that we all love but that don’t fit any of our standard holsters!

But do we really have to buy a holster for each and every pistol model that we own?

Apparently not, as there are “universal holsters” out there, some okay, some indifferent, some downright bad, so we were really, REALLY happy when the guys at NUPROL shouted out to us to say that;

“The latest product in our holster range could be exactly what you are looking for. The NUPROL LEGION HOLSTER is designed to fit over 200 platforms. Lets let that sink in… over 200 platforms! And it is not a mere pretender to the throne of the greatest airsoft holster like some other “Universal Holsters”, the NUPROL LEGION HOLSTER fits all of these platforms perfectly. As long as it can fit within the confines of the holster (sorry DEAGLE fans, not you!), you’ll be able to create a really secure fit by simply tightening the two screws along the top edge of the holster.”

As a part of the NUPROL Perfect Fit Holster range that we’ve had great results from in the past, the LEGION Holster comes with a paddle to fit the ever-popular belt/trouser interface, and the 40-slot orientation-fixing allows you to find your perfect draw-angle; with accessories such as the MOLLE adaptor, Drop-Leg Harness, and Shoulder Harness you could cover yourself in all of your favourite sidearms and drop that cumbersome primary forever!

We’re looking forward to getting hands-on one of these soon, and as we have some “unusual” pistols in our own collection we’ll be able to let you know more in due course… but for now it would seem that “pistol holster redemption” may well be at hand!