We’re back in the office, rested, revived, recharged and good to go, and oh what fun we had over the weekend out on the range in the woods!

The sun was shining, it was WARM, and the winds were light… all in all a perfect time for testing some AEGs and GBBs… especially the GBBs as although gases continue to improve there’s nothing like the sheer fun of a gas gun on a warm day, now is there?

As always a good day on the range is worth its weight in gold BBs and among the models we continued to test was something especially fun, and that was the Double Bell AM45 Vorpal Bunny!

Okay, it’s without shadow of a doubt an out and out clone of the TM pistol of the very same name that we mentioned back in September ’21, but when it comes to “anime-inspired” airsoft pistols this is an absolute cracker… and at a far lower price than its Japanese namesake!

There were a couple of members of the AA Crew that hankered after the TM (and in fact one member who bought one!) due to the fact that it’s actually based on the workings of their venerable “Detonics .45”, which in itself was a super little GBB! Sadly for what could actually be just a wall-hanger (albeit a fabulous one!) the price of the TM put many off though…

The Double Bell makes the most of this heritage however, and comes with all-metal construction, a great 18 BB magazine, and pretty darn good gas efficiency considering the size of the reservoir… in fact these magazines seem excellent and from testing appear 100% compatible with both the TM versions and the ARMY R45 clone of the basic model; the Double Bell mags are also excellently priced so if you need replacements for the ARMY or that horrid little TM version with the schlonky valve-style then you’re in luck!

We had tremendous fun with the Double Bell AM45 Vorpal Bunny that was loaned to us by the good folk at iWholesales for testing and will be reporting back on performance in much more detail soon… but we will say that it shot very nicely indeed although we went with plain black as we just weren’t brave enough for the shocking pink version!