Wow, this week has REALLY flown by!

We’re busy already at AAHQ bringing together the next issue of the monthly magazine for release on 15 JUNE, and what a lot we have to share with you… as always! The tempo remains high throughout the AA LEGION with stories, articles, and reviews literally flying in from all over the globe!

We’ve also been busy on the range both at home and abroad with a whole heap of airsoft loveliness being put through the wringer, and the workshops are a’hummin’ with activity as we start to put together some very special projects for later in the year! We’ve also started planning within the UK team for our annual trip to THE NATIONAL AIRSOFT FESTIVAL in August, as well as setting up a visit to a unique airsoft training facility… shhh, more on that to come!

And the wider international team are hustlin’ and bustlin’ with a busy weekend ahead! Larri tells us that “Im heading to a new CQB sit, an airsoft business that decided to move to a new location twice the size! However, based on feedback it’s a little slippery at the moment, so I would better stay defensive!”, and Stewbacca is “not skirmishing with the usual crew this weekend, instead I’m off down to Taichung and Hill Fox atop the hills overlooking the city and airport for another themed game with the TMC and VFC crews among others, a GBBR only overnight camping MilSim, so VFC FAL, HK53 (pictured above!) and the Krytac Maxim 9 are the order of the day!”

Miguel told us that “Saturday I’ll be hitting the field to redo the SA clips for the ambassadors video, unfortunately the clips done last week were no good… Sunday we are attending a game out, called “Hunting Leos”, so it’s another weekend packed with Airsoft!”

Back closer to home Jimmy reported in that “Saturday I shall be in the workshop finishing up the large pile of MP5’s! Sunday we are off for our monthly visit to Cool Under Fire where I shall be running the Gate-powered VFC SIG MCX again and hoping for some good results. Last outing with it didn’t go to well and saw some very bad performance which was largely due to a misalignment between the hop unit and the engine which was a massive oversight on my behalf. Problem rectified and settings on the GCS app dialled in to perfection. And then Monday it’s back to the track for some motocross action!”

Boycie is “planning a UKPSA competition which hopefully will also be used for an Action Air match” and Bill “will be on the woods range for definite on Saturday and probably Sunday as I’ve got a lot of new review models from Double Bell and Golden Eagle to start working up; if you’d told me even five years ago that I’d be looking forward to laying down some BBs with “ACM AEGS” I’d have probably laughed at you… but how things change!”, while Jonathan, our man in Ireland, is back and told us “same old, same old but always fun as I’ll be running a busy site again this weekend!”

And as here in the UK we’re also on the cusp of another long weekend, and we know that many of you have plans for games and events with the extra day, so we know that the sites are going to be heaving, especially with great weather forecast!

We hope that everyone has a weekend filled with some awesome airsoft adventures, and as always we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!