We’re always looking to see what new brands are proving to be popular in our favourite airsoft stores, and we’ve noticed that WULF OPTICS are appearing more and more! Offering high levels of build-quality, these magnified optics are tough, cool-looking and affordable!

We’ve been trying out a few choice models in the WULF range and will be carrying a bigger report on them in ISSUE 151 on 15th JUNE, but there is always a big price/benefit equation to be balanced when you’re deciding whether to go for a dedicated optic from one of the “real steel” companies out there, and after speaking to numerous friends in the game and the AA crew it does appear that choosing real over replica is the choice for many airsoft shooters these days, as we’ve all seen the shortcomings of the “clones and wannabes””.

When you’re spending good money on a piece of glass you want to know it’s going to perform well initially, and for a considerable time, and the fact that good manufacturers will offer a “No-Quibbles Warranty” which effectively says they will repair or replace your optic in the event it becomes damaged or defective at no charge to you means that your outlay is well protected; this is the norm for WULF.

One of the models that got a very approving nod from a number of the core AA Crew was the WULF Hurricane 4.5-18×50 SFP Illuminated Half Mildot Rifle Scope. The Hurricane models have two-second focal plane magnification ranges (4.5-18x and 6.5-25x) that are equipped with robust 30mm tubes, tactical locking turrets, illuminated half mildot reticles with matching 0.1MRAD click values, and side focus down to 10 meters.

We had the 4.5-18×50 SFP model on the range fitted to the VFC M110 SASS GBBR which has been acknowledged as “having a bit of a kick”, and it was tested on .30g VORSK BBs at 50m with 300 x 300mm steels… and this scope didn’t miss a beat. In use we loved this scope! Although the objective bell is sizeable it sits neatly on top of the rifle, and all the controls are extremely easy to use. Windage and elevation were simple given the clearly marked graduations on the turrets, and the magnification adjustment ring proved both smooth and positive. The illumination adjustment was equally smooth, lighting up the super-clear central cross of the reticle in five levels each of red/green brightness.

Not the cheapest in the WULF range by far, but they do say you get what you pay for, don’t they… and you certainly get a lot from the Hurricane!

For more on WULF OPTCS be sure to tune in to ISSUE 151, but in the meantime you can check the models out HERE!