It’s been another short week for the AA (UK) CREW due to a public holiday (another one!), but what a positive one it’s been!

Due to the beginning of staff holidays we’ve been beavering away at AAHQ to get everything ready for the JUNE ISSUE on the 15th, and thanks to everyone the whole shebang is landed and ready to roll… after a few final tweaks as always!

We’re really lucky to have such a great bunch of international writers and contributors who are all passionate about spreading “The Word of Airsoft” to all and sundry, and it’s important to all of us that everyone involved in AA is a full part of their community whether it’s as active players, competitive shooters, techs, or range shooters… as we like to say, “if it’s in Airsoft, it’s in Airsoft Action” and this is truer now than ever before!

And as always at this time of the week we’ve been in the AA LEGION chat to check out what everyone is up to this coming weekend! Miguel (pictured this week) tells us that “I’m going out camping in a trailer Friday, close to the field where Saturday’s game takes place! Saturday we will have a game with a few close teams, have some good fun…” whilst Stewbacca said “This Sunday I’m back in the fold with the usual Team TaiJi crew and we’re heading out to the hilltops of Xindian again for some long range forest/jungle engagements. I’ll be rocking the VFC PSG-1 again I think, and hopefully printing on some paper with it prior to upgrading the barrel with a recent gift from a friend here. Also no doubt I’ll have the VFC HK53 and Krytac SilencerCo Maxim 9 that I’ve just rounded off the reviews for next issue with me too, because just fun gun reasons!”

Ben chipped in to say that “I might do a little bit of a photoshoot, and some hop-adjusting; apart from that I’ve ordered my new tent for this years NAF, and will play on my Ghost of Tsushima samurai game!”

And testing, there WILL be testing! As much as the JUNE ISSUE is together we never stop testing; Boycie said “I’ll be starting the test of a <<REDACTED>> for an upcoming issue…” (honestly, that’s exactly what he said!) whilst Bill told us “I just received a Mk18 from the lovely folk at DELTA ARMORY that I want to start working up, as well as starting to lay down some BBs on the woods range with the BOLT/CYBERGUN SCAR-SC BRSS AEG that folk have been shouting about!”

Yup, basically we never stop as just like you we all want our weekend airsoft-fix! Whatever you’re doing, and wherever in this big old world of airsoft you might be getting your personal fix, as always we’ll round out by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!