Okay, anyone who is on FB or IG, so we’re guessing that’s mostly all of you reading this, will have seen the teasers that SPECNA ARMS are dropping right now in relation to a new model in development!

We’re as in the dark as the rest of you right now, and we’re chasing down more on the story, but to us it looks like it might well be another Pistol Calibre Carbine (PCC) given what we’ve seen with the “9mm-style magazine” and the blocky receiver set images they’ve released so far; we’re guessing that it will be something a bit special though, and if it is in fact a more dedicated SMG then there’s some manufacturers reliant on that platform that had better watch out!

We can also see from the image above that there looks to be one of the arms visible for a PDW-style stock, so it looks like it WILL be a super-compact shorty ideal for CQB/CQC encounters… we’re just wondering what they might be up to at the muzzle end…

SPECNA ARMS are no strangers to short “ARs”, and the SA-E21 PDW EDGE that we have in the Red Cell Test Pool has proved that they can REALLY get some performance out of a small AEG; that said, if this “new boy” comes with the EDGE 2.0 (SA haven’t answered that fully on their FB page…) then this really could be quite remarkable!

Rest assured that we’ll feed in more information on this new model just as soon as we have it!