As we start to roll out the plans for the new article series from Jon On “Tactical Outdoor Development” one of the issues we will address is that of secure carriage and storage of your AEG or GBB, so we thought it a good time to refocus on the NUPROL range of gun cases!

Whether you play airsoft or shoot real firearms, or both, there are several things that cross over and at the top of the list for us after safe handling comes transit safety and security. When you’re at an airsoft site or at a range then your pistol, rifle, shotgun or carbine can be out in the open, but when you’re in transit it needs to be out of sight, and preferably for us under lock and key. Many of us in the past have simply made use of padded sleeves which are great value for money, but in many instances are hard to secure properly. Add to this that they are usually not rigid so there’s a still a real possibility of damaging or breaking whatever is inside!

Thankfully though the team at NUPROL just keep cranking out quality products like their Hard Cases; their hard rifle case is available with either wave or pick n’ pluck foam inners in Tan, Olive Green, and Black, and the hard pistol case currently just in Black; we love both these models and use them ourselves regularly.

The rifle case, measuring 1030mm x 330mm x 150mm externally and 980mm x 290mm x 125 mm internally, and benefits from a host of great features. First up you have a central, folding carrying handle, but this is supplemented by a second folding handle on one end and two broad wheels on the other which means if you’re in an airport or on a bus or train you can just tow it along with you.

Along with a well-padded and spacious interior (Bill somehow manages to squeeze in two AKMs and a AKM-S!) the case also has four easy to use closure catches, two padlock eyelets for extra security and a pressure release valve. The reason for this is that the case has a total debris proof/waterproof seal gaining it an IP67 debris/waterproof rating; for those of you not conversant with this rating system what it actually means is that the case has been tested for how well it stands up to ingress from dust or water.

IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’’; an IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of equipment and these ratings are determined by specific tests. The IP number is composed of two numbers, the first referring to the protection against solid objects and the second against liquids. Basically the higher the number the better the protection, and to find both the rating itself, as well as good, high numbers on an airsoft product is superb!

The case is enormously durable, the outer plastic shell of great quality as well as looking great. Weighing in at just 2.5kg it doesn’t add much to your burden but means that your beloved replica is kept safe and sound, as well as being fully secured.

The NUPROL Small Hard Case is designed to keep pistols or smaller valuable kit protected when not in use and whilst in transit. Measuring 310 x 249 x 80mm externally and 304 x 192 x 71mm internally it’s the perfect size to carry two handguns, or one handgun with a number of spare magazines. Once again it has a hard wearing plastic shell to protect your items inside, two easy sliding closure latches, dual padlock eyelets, and weighs just 850g!

NUPROL now have a whole host of different hard and soft cases to choose from, and they are extremely popular with Red Cell! Time and again NUPROL prove that they really do understand what an airsofter needs, not just in relation to replica guns and consumables, but also when it comes to safety and security.

All the cases get absolutely top marks from us!