It’s always a huge pleasure to hear from fellow airsofters around the globe about the games and events that they are running, and we’re very grateful to Konstantinos from Greece for sending us a superb video of an event that took place late last year!

It is the first of a game series called “NyctoPhobia”; all the props have been  made by Konstantinos and his team, and he tells us that the game was a combination of  Escape Room and Airsoft Game, something that we LOVE to see (and we’re keen to see develop further as James details in his regular “immersion” articles!). Some of the props were fully operational (a briefcase with keypad code , electric operated  drawer, Bomb with QRcode scan activation and more….) and as Konstantinos is the owner of a professional sound and light rental company he also told us it was easy for him to use in the game sound, light and smoke effects!

Planning for the next episode of the game called NyctoPhobia ” The Outbreak ” is already underway, and not only are we looking forward to the next video, but also to how this storyline continues to unfold! We wish Konstantinos and his team all the very best!

If you have a video like this that tells a story, and you’d like to share it then please do send a link through to as we’d love to host it for you here and share it around the world to help inspire unique themed games amongst fellow players!

We all need inspiration, and videos like this certainly do it for us!