So, a big day at IWA with lots of reveals and lots of new things to see!

Bill and Jase have been in touch to let ius know they’ve had a superb day with lots of meetings under their belt and more to come tomorrow!

Highlights if the day were the new HERA ARMS KCO2 from ASG, the BCM MCMR 8.5 from VFC, lots of cool things from ARES ALPHA, new pistols and projects from ICS, some cool new things with iWholesales, and a whole heap of new airsoft goodness from G&G!

Bill said… “It’s been a brilliant day in Germany, so much to see… The highlight for me was the new G&G pistols with a new hop adjustmnt mechanism, and their lever action not an AR!”

Jase added: “For me me it was the ASG P10-C with the new hop up adjustment… It’s a well-weighted pistol with great ergonomics, a  good trigger pull, and a genuinely good feel in the hand. With the ease of use if hop, adjustment is easy in-game, a real bonus!”

That’s it from the boys in N’berg for today… more to come tomorrow!