So, that’s IWA 2024 done and dusted and tomorrow Bill and Jase will be making their way home… and starting work on their report from the show that will appear in ISSUE 160 on the 15th!!

They tell us that the show has been a real success for many of our industry friends and partners, although a little “industrial espionage” meant that some manufacturers were keeping their newest and most innovative products “under wraps” until asked! In many ways this shows just how far our industry has come in terms of new technology, and how hard the competition can be to deliver new things first!

Today in terms of meetings they spoke to ROSSI about their Gen II “SAS” which has a number of upgrades to what is already one of our favourite BLUFOR-inspired AEGs, to DELTA ARMORY about their new FREYA AR AEG project, to KING ARMS about the new version of the TWS9 that uses gas G-series mags and that will offer this super little platform at a more user-friendly price in polymer (pictured today) rather than full metal, and finally to EVOLUTION about their very latest PCCs… and we’re pleased to tell you we’ll be opening the box on FREYA and the PCCs in ISSUE 160 too!

Finishing off by revisiting a very special project from ROGUEWORX that we’ll be featuring in an upcoming issue, the guys called “mission success” as the show closed down around them, and we hope that they’ll be having a celebratory adult beverage this evening after all their hard work this weekend!

That’s it for our daily coverage which we hope you’ve enjoyed… back to biz as usual tomorrow to get the new issue nailed!