We’re recovering slowly but surely as a team after IWA and the the show season, and what a season it’s been with so many new and unique things already appearing, and we’re excited about them all!

Bill has come back from IWA however ranting about many things, and one of them is the new range of AEGs shown there for the first time by DELTA ARMORY, and they are totally unique AR platforms that have really set his pulse racing! He told us;

“Most airsofters with be aware of platforms from Eastern Europe, but may not be aware of the firearms brand Grandpower, and what they do. However, if you’re a true gun bunny then you’ll know that not all performance ARs come from the USA and the Grandpower R15 FREYA is quite a beast!

DELTA ARMORY are working under licence to recreate a range of FRYEA models, both rifles and carbines, and they really are drop-dead gorgeous with lots of style and some cracking features!”

Peter from DELTA ARMORY told Bill when they met in Germany;

“We are launching the Licensed FREYA Series with our Eagle ETU unit. Grandpower is real firearms factory from Slovakia and we are working with them very closely; we have a long term contract signed with them to make licensed airsoft replicas of their products. Delta Armory HQ is in the same city as Grandpower!

For FREYA the key for us is the design of it, the design of the licensed body, our new designed stock with combination of new handguards it looks very good. All FREYA models are full metal too; CNC handguard, metal body, very solid and VERY good looking!”

So, Bill has the lowdown on FREYA, and he’ll be bringing all the information on this particular AR-goddess to ISSUE 160 later this month… so, as always, watch this space!