Bill and Jase have reported back from their first days at IWA 2024 and what a day they’ve had to start the show!

Bill said “It’s great to be back in Germany and IWA so far has been pretty easy for us, apart from our 03:00 start to get to the airport this morning! Thankfully the flight over was swift and easy ad transport within Nuremberg is so well connected that we were at the show by 11:00 local.

“Kicking off by heading to Hall 2, where the majority of airsoft companies are conveniently located together, we managed to spend some time catching up first with the guys from VORSK to see how the launch of the VMP-2 had gone (well… VERY well!) and also had chance to get our hands on prototypes of all THREE variants… VMP-1 owners are going to love these, but there’s a lot to go at for players of all types too!

“Moving on, we had chance to briefly catch up with the guys at SPECNA ARMS before moving on to visit VFC, and iWhoesales, The it was a quick chat with our old mate Tomy from BOLT before greeting Apple form G&G… Then it was time to head over to Halls 4 & 6 to speak with Helikon and make our plans for checking out new Tactical gear.

“We also met up quickly with the guys from AirsoftZone and plan to speak more with them in the coming days… As you can tell, today was more a “recce” before we get into things proper, and it was great to spend some time with Kelly (Femme Fatale) and Rob from Airsofter World, although, again, we’ll be speaking to him more too.

“Tomorrow is our first day of meetings proper, so we’ll have a lot more to talk about tomorrow night… So be sure to check in to see what we have to report then!”