As we start the day today Bill and Jase are hopefully “wheels up” for Nuremberg and should be arriving at IWA 2024 later this morning, and of course they’ll be reporting in each evening to report on all the airsoft goodness that they’ve seen at the show each day!

But… BUT

The HUGE News to kick this year’s German show off is that this morning the VORSK team unveiled the next evolution of the VORSK Modular Platform, the next exciting part of the “VMP Story” as the VMP-2 got its first exposure to the industry, and to the world!

The guys at VORSK tell us:

“We’re excited to announce the VMP-2, the latest addition to the already successful Vorsk modular platform. Our aim is to introduce a new generation to the world of GBB as well growing the current user base of GBB users.

“Designed from the ground up by our in-house team, the VMP-2 embodies a commitment to innovation and user-driven design. Drawing inspiration from extensive field experience and direct engagement with players, this next generation platform sets a new standard for adaptability and customization in the airsoft community.

“At the core of the VMP-2 is its fully modular design, allowing players to unleash their creativity and personalise their equipment like never before. Featuring GBB spec rail systems and compatible stock tube and grip, and utilising 1911 grip panels, users can seamlessly integrate real steel attachments to tailor their setups to individual preferences and play styles.

“Innovative engineering lies at the heart of the VMP-2, with a fully independent trigger unit enabling quick maintenance and easy transition between select-fire and semi-only trigger groups. This ensures reliability and flexibility on the battlefield, adapting to dynamic gaming scenarios with ease.

“Internally, the VMP-2 boasts a VSR-compatible threaded inner barrel and GBB/WE spec threaded outer barrel for easy change modular barrel lengths. We have fitted the VMP-2 with a TDC precision hop unit, and is compatible with VSR spec hop rubbers.

“We are excited to unveil this latest innovation to our Vorsk modular platform and are looking forward to it releasing to the public in Quarter 3/4 2024, with multiple configurations being released at once!”

So, the AA Crew has only just arrived in Germany, and already the excitement is building! As always we’ll be working as closely as possible with the team at VORSK to continue our coverage of the “VMP Phenomenon” as the program drives forward!