With the new issue of Airsoft Action complete and ready to go live as usual on the 15th of the month, one of the things that we’ll be looking at in detail is the latest clothing and gear to come from our good friends at VIPER TACTICAL, and this keeps on getting better and better! One new item that has really caught our eye is SO simple, and we’re amazed that we’ve not seen one before… especially in so many colours and patterns!

Wearing layers of clothing during any outdoors activity allows for easy control of the body core temperature. The Viper Tactical Roll Neck Top is a versatile garment that can be worn as an outer layer during warmer months or as a baselayer in autumn and winter. It is made of fast-wicking mesh fabric that draws moisture away from your body, helping you to maintain a stable core temperature and providing comfort as it helps keep skin dry. The roll neck not only provides additional temperature control but can be worn over the face, so can act as an emergency face covering as well as giving some protection from BB strikes!

Roll neck can be worn over face
Long sleeves
Wicking / Quick dry material
Stretch fit for added comfort
100% Polyester Mesh-tech

The Viper Tactical Roll Neck Top will be coming in Black, Coyote, Green, Titanium, V-Cam, and V-Cam Black to match numerous loadouts, and we’re expecting to see it retail at about UK£18, which is brilliant for a technical top! Deliveries are landing in the Viper warehouse right now, so you should be seeing this in your local shop very soon now!

Another cracker from Viper, and our own order is already in!