After a great day out yesterday we’re looking forward to the weekend every bit as much as you are, with members of the AA crew out to games and events in the UK, and the Red Cell Team meeting up again to bring you their latest take on another set of superb, “used and abused” AEGs!

We’re very aware though that some of our fellow players around the globe are still stuck at home though, so today we bring you another great catalogue to check out while you still have some “leezuretime” over the weekend, and this week it’s from our very good friends at First Tactical!

Airsoft Action have been very fortunate to have met the First Tactical Team on numerous occasions now in the UK, the USA at SHOT and Germany at IWA, and they are super people that are intent on delivering the very best tactical kit and clothing that they possibly can. Solid as their initial “launch range” was, it’s become very apparent to us that they are not a company to sit on their laurels though, and 2021 has seen some cracking new designs launched, designs that are already hitting the stores, and continue to do so!

Let’s take just a moment to recap on who First tactical are; essentially they are an American brand with “real world roots” who are focused on providing the end user with a product that is specific to their requirements, and guided by innovation and reliability. Their design process combines both advanced technical materials with state-of-the-art components. First Tactical products are built to offer fully functional gear precisely created for professionals in the military, emergency and police services, and of course it makes their gear perfect for airsoft too.

Working with real users from the tactical world, First Tactical strives to fully understand customer demand through a circular development process: Listen, Engineer, Field Test and Deploy. First Tactical listens to its customers through regular product development sessions with real users in the field. They also ensure they engineer cutting-edge product to transform common gear into incomparable tools for professionals. Through the use of Field Testing, First Tactical’s products are put under scrutiny in the most demanding conditions to ensure they withstand a variety of environments.

With all this in mind, we hope that you’ll enjoy checking out all the wonderful gear on offer in their latest catalogue, and you can be certain that we’ll be reporting back in full on the new directions in the very near future!