It’s been a BUSY day out on the road for the AA crew at last again, with some testing of new products going on at (REDACTED!) and a visit to our friends at iWholesales, who had something pretty exciting to show us – in the form of a first look at the pre-production sample of the new KelTec RDB from ARES!

KelTec is an innovator in rifle design, and one that some members of the AA team have had first-hand experience of in “real steel” form. Engineering downward and forward ejecting bullpup rifles with unrivaled trigger systems, they build rifles for sportsmen, hunters and tactical shooters. Every rifle produced at KelTec exhibits a standard of quality and forward thinking that they claim is “unmet by other firearm manufacturers”.

KelTec also tell us that the RDB is “like no ordinary bullpup” and that it “redefines the platform”. The RDB is completely ambidextrous due to its patented downward-ejection, magazine catch/release placement, intuitive safety and reversible operating handle. The real RDB series of bullpups delivers a 5.56/.223 ballistic advantage in a very compact package that’s easy to manipulate for just about anyone.

And whilst in airsoft form we’re talking about 6mm BBs not 5.56, the new ARES RDB looks like it’s going to be a proper performer, with a great feel in the hand and a superb finish (that we’ve come to expect from more recent ARES releases) apparent throughout. The balance is superb and the tactile feel of the furniture makes it feel like something you could easily carry in game all day long!

As yet there is no firm dates for the release of the finalised airsoft RDB and, sadly we haven’t yet had a chance to shoot the new bullpup… YET!

However, you can rest assured that we’ll be reporting back just as soon as we’ve had a chance to get it on the range and hopefully now “in game” too!