Regular readers of Airsoft Action may have noticed that we promised in Issue 117 that we’d bring you an update on the new LK-33A2 AEG from our good friends at LCT Airsoft, but like many of you our test model disappeared into the mire of the Customs system for a few weeks so our range testing was delayed unavoidably!

At one point they even advised us that they couldn’t find the AEG in their system, but much to our relief, and after (again like most UK players) proving our UK Defence in Law via our UKARA Player Registration Number, and of course paying some duty, the LK-33 is now safely with us and we’ll be heading to the range with it this very weekend!

Lawrence from STRIKE-HOLD! who collaborated with us on the initial article concluded:

“With its realistic heft and weight (4.08kg), the LK33 scores high in this category. There are also loads of nice realistic details like the strong cocking handle spring that permits a proper “HK slap”, the sturdy handguard with aluminum heat shield built-in, and even the inclusion of the wire-cutter notch in the flash-hider.

As one would expect from such a high level of build quality, the finish is excellent. I’m sure that some parts which see a lot of use will show some wear over the long term, but the out-of-the-box level of finish is certainly excellent for an airsoft gun. There is also no flashing around the edges on the molded parts, and there are no gaps, wobbles or jiggles anywhere either. The LK33 is made from high-quality materials and it feels absolutely rock solid. Picking up a magnet I verified that all of the metal parts are indeed made of steel – pressed and welded just like the real thing.”

And now we’ve (finally!) got our own “hands on” the LK-33 we can only concur 100%; this thing is made to be an out and out airsofting beast, and for that alone we already love it!

LCT have been kind enough to supply us also with the new Hi Cap magazines for this stunning new rifle so now it’s time to get it to work, to see if it has teeth as well as beauty; watch out for our full “RELOADED” range report in Issue 119 (October 15th) to see how it performs…

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, keep safe, and keep (airsoft) shooting!