We’ve been getting a fair few emails recently from the great guys at PTS Syndicate about their new products from MEC that are coming to dealers and players around the globe!

They tell us that MEC is a brand new design house formed by airsoft industry veterans and highly experienced engineers and designers that will specialise in upgrade internal and external airsoft parts, along with accessories, and that they will focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the airsoft industry. In fact they go as far as to tell us:

“PTS and MEC are excited with our new alliance and are looking forward to bringing our line of products to the airsoft market.”

But what kind of thing are they talking about?

Well, the latest advisories indicate that they’ll be offering a pretty “broad brush”; for instance the MEC M-Valve can aid in increasing gas efficiency. Made of high strength brass with a stainless steel valve button, it minimizes gas loss to liven-up cycling, and it’s claimed that performance is more significant with steel slide pistol! Also performance-related, the MEC R-Type piston head for Tokyo Marui / KWA pistol GBB is an improvement over the stock one that comes with the pistol. This particular design of brass piston head is equipped with a 6-hole air intake in order to improve the airtightness and air sealing with the included O-ring (including 3 size of O-ring: red, black and green).

This sounds interesting for those invisible internal parts, but it looks as if MEC will also offer parts that are more visible too; the MEC Pro Trigger (pictured) will enable a tight, easy trigger pull, as the straight trigger blade design provides a short pull geometry. Made of steel alloy construction it also looks pretty fine too!

We’ll be keeping an eye on the MEC rollout from PTS and will update further when we’ve had “hands on”!