As much as we love the original RAVEN R226 Railed GBB pistol (and we do love it as it’s a great pistol with super performance!) there are some instances where you just feel the need for a bit of a “classic”, and the latest R-Series non-railed full-metal pistol really sings to us in that respect!

The R226 platform is an exceptionally ergonomic design, and everything from the pistol grip to the finish gives the R226 a level of comfort not found on many other GBB Pistols. The use of electrostatic painting methods ensures a non-porous, stain-resistant finish that will keep the R-Series looking its best for longer, game after game. The in-hand feel is further enhanced by the lightly textured pistol grip, wrapped around the rear of the grip, it feels like the R226 wants to force its way into the palm of your hand and not let go. The traditional chamfered, dual-action long pull trigger rounds off the feel-good shooting experience before we have even got onto the performance of the R226.

The R226 is full metal construction. RAVENs experience with other GBB models ensures first-class gas efficiency, easily emptying the standard 20 BB magazine when unloading downrange. You have the option of R226s with or without the 20mm rail now, allowing for the attachment of a range of accessories such as torches or laser units of you wish, or the ability to “run clean” is you’re a bit of a classicist! All furniture is functional including the de-cocking lever for returning the hammer to a safe position without discharge.

With the introduction of the non-railed version you now have many, MANY options when it comes to owning an R226! You can have a Railed or Non-Railed Version, an Iron Sight or BDS Sight Version, and you can choose from Black,Blue,Tan, Tan-Black,Grey, Grey-Black,Green, and even Chrome or Gold if you really want to out-bling the opposition!

Choice is a wonderful thing, and thanks to RAVEN the choice is truly yours, and at a great price too!