Over recent months we’ve been out with our own “distance rifles” a LOT more, as they’ve been a real option for some much-needed “solo shooting”, and we’ll be bringing this all together in a future Red Cell report when we can all get together again to compare our notes!

This weekend we’ll be spending some time with a new model for us though, the Modify MOD24!

The Modify Bolt Action Sniper Rifle MOD24 as standard is built for shot-to-shot consistency and reliability of accuracy, resulting in enhanced performance. The trigger can be adjusted for travel and pull-action without disassembly for increased sensitivity.

Other features include expanded trigger guard; removable military-spec, extended, raised Picatinny rail to fit any sniper scope; steel cylinder and strengthened, metallic internal parts, adjustable butt stock, and two QD studs for slings or a bipod. The outer barrel is tapered aluminum with a matt finish to keep things properly lo-profile, without glare and reflection. the 6.08mm high-precision inner barrel is 485mm long, with the HOP easily adjustable externally for convenience and speed.

Full Features include:

Removable 1913 Picatinny Top Rail
Extremely Straight 6.08mm Precision Inner Barrel
Exceptionally built aluminium outer barrel with matt finish, reducing glare & reflection
A Newly-Designed, Adjustable Hop Up
Tough Steel Cylinder and Enhanced Metal Internal Parts
UV Magazine for Tracer BBs
Wider Textured Adjustable Steel Trigger
Enlarged trigger guard
Ergonomic Pad Design
Two sling swivels

So as we prepare the range bag for our own weekend we hope that you’re doing the same, and don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing!