We have to admit that among the AA Team we have some proper geeks (everyone needs geeks… everyone!) and this is particularly true when it comes to camouflage patterns! So, you can imagine then that there’s been a bit of a buzz going on about the fact that Taiwangun has just dropped a full set of clothing in the new Polish MAPA pattern!

We’ve been speaking in-depth to specialist AA contributor and fellow camo-ist Lawrence H who posted some details about MAPA on his own Strike-Hold! blog about this new pattern, and he told us:

“Like it or loathe it, everybody’s into new camouflage these days. And while some countries are taking the path of least resistance and adopting MultiCam, or a derivative of it, other countries are taking a more in-depth approach. Poland is an example of the latter – although they do also seem to not be in much of a hurry about it. But perhaps the pace is about to pick up a bit on the back of the news that there is now a new indigenous-designed pattern entering the scene. The pattern is called MAPA (Polish for “map”) and has been scientifically designed by”ASP post-graduate Mr. Maciej Dojlitko” to specifically match the terrain and vegetation found in Poland. According to the information we received today from SPECOPS Poland, the prime contractor for the Polish Army’s Future Soldier clothing and equipment, the camo has been designed as a family-of-patterns and that this is just the first prototype – so there may well be some further tweaks!”

What we do know is that the initial MAPA (Multi-environmental Adaptive Pattern) is an “natural hybrid”, a pattern designed to provide best concealment at close, mid and long range in temperate woodland. The collection of tactical uniforms available from Taiwangun are produced by the specialist manufacturer MASKPOL SA and offer the user a simple, classic cut combined with the unique MAPA masking print. In addition, one of the most durable materials available on the market, fabric for military applications, is being used, a 50% cotton and 50% durable polyester, reinforced with a rip-stop weave. It is a unique combination that creates many possibilities and is intended for the user that understands both the pattern, and the design of the clothing models.

These unique and durable products will provide the user with convenience and comfort and will allow for long-term use in any, even extreme conditions, so we are really looking forward to where things go from here! At this time Taiwangun are offering Combat Pants, a Combat (UBACS) Shirt, a Combat jacket/Overshirt, and a couple of ballcap designs in the MAPA pattern, but we are hoping this is just the beginning!