Christmas may be approaching fast, but just like all of you we still have our eyes peeled for airsoft coolness, and the news of one of the things that’s exciting us came courtesy of our old mates at AIRSOFT EXTREME in the USA!

The PTS ZEV Technologies OZ9 Elite GBB pistol faithfully replicates the appearance and innovative features of the real Zev Technologies OZ9 pistol. With only a limited quantity released worldwide, the Ultra Version of this pistol boasts exclusive features, making it a must-have for airsoft pistoleers!

Crafted with precision, it features a CNC’ed 6000 series aluminum slide with lightening cuts and front and rear serrations, ensuring both a distinctive look and enhanced functionality. The CNC’ed steel alloy dimpled outer barrel comes with an extremely durable carburizing finish, promising long-lasting performance. The modular chassis system accommodates the ZEV Flat Face Trigger, sear, and receiver rails, extending along the entire length of the gun for rigidity, smooth slide travel, and the attachment of various accessories.

The polymer grip includes an integrated magwell, providing more natural pointability with its steeper grip angle. The ergonomic trigger pad, reversible mag release button, and ZEV Combat Sights, including a high-visibility fiber optic front sight, enhance your shooting experience. The included magazine features the PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate G and is compatible with Tokyo Marui G17 (Gen 3 & 4) magazines.

(Please note that the red dot sight in the product image is not included!)


  • Fully ZEV licensed trademarks for an authentic look and feel.
  • ULTRA VERSION EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: CNC 6000 series aluminum OZ9 Signature Slide with lightening cuts and serrations.
  • ULTRA VERSION EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: CNC 6000 series aluminum modular chassis with an integrated accessory rail for lights and lasers.
  • ULTRA VERSION EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: CNC Hammer housing and certain hammer components for a precise trigger feel.
  • Machined steel alloy outer barrel with carburizing finish for durability.
  • Polymer grip with an integrated magwell and optimized grip angle for natural pointability.
  • Reversible mag release button design for left or right-hand shooters.
  • Modular chassis for ease of maintenance or modification via a single takedown pin.
  • Extended frame rails for more reliable cycling and rigidity.
  • ZEV Combat Sights with a bright fiber optic front sight for quick target acquisition.
  • Removable RMR mount plate on slide for optional red dot sight installation.
  • 6.03mm 97mm inner barrel and purple 70-degree hop-up rubber for exceptional accuracy and range.

This looks mighty fine to us, and it looks like PTS have done a bang-on job of getting all the little details right! How does it shoot… we’ll endeavour to find out just as soon as possible!