One of our favourite airsoft “comp” pistols now has a special edition!

As one of the models in our long-term RED CELL testing program the ActionSportGames CZ-licenced SHADOW 2 has stood up to some real abuse thus far, and now you can have one that’s extra-special!

The guys at ASG tell us that;

“The CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE offers the same unmatched realism and user satisfaction as the original Shadow 2 with added improvements to make this airsoft gun a true representative of the quality found in its real steel counterpart.”

The SHADOW 2 ORANGE comes with a fixed stainless steel outer barrel, which significantly increases the guns stability while at the same time tightening the pistol’s tolerances to aid with more accurate shooting. At the same time, as a fully licensed 1:1 replica, this pistol includes authentic barrel bushing which further increases the stability and shooting performance.

Yet another major improvement from the original is the addition of a stainless-steel recoil spring plug which naturally improves the quality of the pistol’s recoil and the overall firing system. The SHADOW 2 ORANGE also comes with a full fibre optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. Like the original Shadow 2 the Special Edition includes pronounced slide serrations to aid with grip and enable smoother racking of the slide.

Again, ASG tell us that;

“This model of the CZ SHADOW 2 is made with top quality in mind to ensure it is a top-performing replica pistol, making it an ideal consideration for those with an interest in IPSC Action Air. It is a CO2 blowback model with a 26 BB magazine shooting at an average velocity of 328fps (1.0 joule). Combined with the adjustable hop up, this pistol provides reliable firepower and flexibility for all airsoft shooters.”

This special edition pistol comes with its own hard case, and this sturdy and reliable pistol case is perfect for storing, protecting and transporting your beloved new pistol. It includes a soft egg crate foam interior with pre-cut slots for the pistol and one magazine. This ensures the valuable contests are shielded from all sorts of impact and remain perfectly in place no matter what.

The CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE is a bold special edition of the beloved original. Offering superior accuracy, stability, and overall quality, it features;

  • Fixed stainless steel outer barrel
  • Barrel bushing
  • Stainless steel Spring recoil
  • Serrated slide
  • CO2 blowback
  • Competition style hammer
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Included gun case

If you’re still in need of a special Christmas gift for the airsoft shooter you love, or just fancy treating yourself to something that will bring you joy not just for the festive season but for the new year to come, then be sure to check out the ASG CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE!