What a GREAT WAY to start the week before Christmas!

With ISSUE 157 now “in the wild” and already being read around the globe, it seems that Christmas has truly arrived early here at AAHQ this year, as we’re delighted to have been nominated once again in the “Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)” and the “Best English Language Airsoft News Website” categories of the annual Popular Airsoft Players Choice Awards!

To us it’s a BIG deal simply being nominated as we go up against some real big-hitters in both categories… as the global airsoft community grows close and closer together we’ve managed over the past couple of years of digital publication to move from being a leading national magazine to become one that is starting to be 100% international, and it’s our real pleasure as a team to bring you more and more stories from around the globe each and every month.

However, we not so proud to admit that we’re not above a little light begging when it comes to asking you all to once again exercise your voting rights and give a big tick for for AIRSOFT ACTION once again, and you can do so by clicking the LINK HERE!

Although the list reflects that times are changing, and new faces are emerging as voted for by you, there’s still a LOT of old friends (and indeed a few new ones we’re pleased to see!) in the list for us to vote for ourselves, and we hope that you’ll enjoy casting your votes too!

So, without further ado, here’s the FULL LIST LINK to all the great people that have made it through the nomination period, and now we all NEED YOUR VOTE for the win!

Good luck to one and all!