It’s nearly the weekend and for those of you that work Monday to Friday there’s relaxation ahead! Even for those of us that work at the weekends too, there’s nothing better than a good old caffeine-blast to start the day and keep us perky and switched-on, whether on the range or on the field!

Many of you will know that we have a fabulous relationship with the guys at Reaper Ops Airsoft, one of our excellent local sites, so when they approached us to help them with some testing we were overjoyed, especially as what we got to test was some of the new Reaper Ops Coffee, the “FOB – First Order Of Business” blend… and we can definitely tell you that put testing was 100% thorough, thanks to our two resident “coffee hounds”, Bill and Jase!

And finally, for all of you out there that love your “cuppa joe” as much as we do, ITS HERE! After long consultations, Reaper Ops are proud to launch the first of their new REAPER OPS COFFEE BLENDS.

First Order of Business (FOB) is ideal for when a situation or subject must be dealt with before anything else: when a situation, tasking or game day gets difficult, the first order of business is to define your goals and your priorities… AND GET THAT BREW ON!

There is game day “coffee” and then there is game day coffee! Passionate about good coffee, Reaper Operations have worked hard with their partners to bring you FOB, a speciality coffee blend that is a well balanced MEDIUM ROAST and the only blend worthy of its name. They tell us:

“The first orders of our new range of coffee blends have been processed, we hope you like the coffee as much as we do! Constructive feedback welcome. The mugs arrived today too! Available on our website.”

We can confirm that Reaper Ops FOB is a great and mellow brew, so if you’re in need of fortifying your inner airsoft then check it out HERE!