During the lockdown period a number of the Airsoft Action Team have been working on their personal historical loadouts, from WWII through “The Nam” to the Cold War, and an important part of any themed loadout is having the right accessories to round things out isn’t it?

Following a good-humoured discussion about historically-patterned AEGs on social media, a small business in Italy was brought to our attention, so we contacted dummysupplies.com to find out a little more about them and what they produce, and we discovered someone just like us with a real passion for what they create!

They told us “DummySupplies deals with faithful reproductions of war material. We use the highest quality raw materials, doing a perfect job and with great care we obtain an excellent finished product, faithful to the original.”

“Each product is unique, handmade and subject to scrupulous quality control, and painted with professional products that guarantee resistance to scratches. We make each product with extreme attention to detail. We use (for instance in relation to grenade replicas) for the body and the fuse, a high quality techno-polymer that ensures resistance and durability over time!”

After speaking to Simone at dummysupplies.com in person we’ve now placed an order for ourselves for an upcoming build project, and thus far we’ve been shown nothing other than friendly professionalism in relation to our enquiries. We’re looking forward to getting hands on one of their HEL 5.56MM/HEL E4A suppressor replicas for a special “Nam” rifle build, so we’ll be sure to update you on progress, but suffice to say we’ve got a really good vibe from them so far, so if you’re in the market for more “little things” then be sure to check out their WEBSITE!